What We Offer

Paddleboard Rentals


Want to paddleboard and enjoy some time on the water without instruction? Then rentals are the way to go. Rentals include the board, paddle, PFD, and leash.

$30(1hr)  $45(2hrs)  $55(4hrs)  $70(Full Day)

Paddleboard Lessons


Learn the basics to stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and the proper paddling techniques which will make you feel more comfortable out on the water. Starting out on land will guarantee you'll be up and ready to paddle the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay. All levels are welcome and everything is included.

$50(Private)  $40(Sm.Gr)  $35(Lg.Gr)

By Appointment Only- Call or Email to Book

Paddleboard Tours


WhatSUP offers two tours- Downtown & Eco-Tour. Both tours include a mini lesson before heading onto the water to take in the scenery. Either paddling through Downtown Tampa between the sky-scrapers or paddling through the mangroves with birds around you and fish below the board, you'll thoroughly enjoy your time on the water. 

$50(Sm.Gr)  $45(Lg.Gr)

By Appointment Only- Call or Email to Book

Kayak Rentals


Want to kayak and enjoy some time on the water without instruction? Then rentals are the way to go. We have Single and Tandem Kayaks available. Rentals include the Kayak, paddle, & PFD.

Single Kayaks:

$25(1hr)  $35(2hrs)  $45(4hrs)  $65(Full Day)

Tandem Kayaks:

$35(1hr)  $45(2hrs)  $55(4hrs)  $75(Full Day)

Bike Rentals


We provide a hybrid bike to ensure the best ride on the trail. The shop is located right on the Courtney Campbell Causeway trail where you can bike along the water the entire way. All rentals include the bike, helmet & bike lock.

$20(1hr)  $30(2hrs)  $40(4hrs)  $60(Full Day)

Land Paddling


What is Land Paddling? It's a long-board skateboard and a push-pole to paddle on land. You can ride on the trail, located steps from our shop. 

$20(1hr)  $25(2hrs)  



Where the water meets your yoga mat. Blending the practice of Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) allows you to experience all the benefits of yoga while engaging more muscles through the instability of the water.

$20(w/Board Rental)  $10(B.Y.O.Board)  



Taking fitness to a new level while enjoying the outdoors! Full body, low impact workout strengthens your core muscles as well as improving balance and coordination. Paddle board yoga a great way for all levels and ages to get into shape and have FUN!

$20(w/Board Rental)  $10(B.Y.O.Board)

Beach Yoga


A yoga class to awaken the senses, move the body, and calm the mind right on the beach! This class is great for all bodies and fitness levels.



We take day-trips to springs around Florida to enjoy what our beautfiul state has to offer. We bring all the equipment for you and guide you through the gorgeous spring waters. 

By Appointment Only- Call or Email to Book

Corporate Team Building


Get your team out of their comfort zone and really build the teamwork. We love to take groups out and offer a specialized team-building experience just for your group. Call us for more details. 

By Appointment Only- Call or Email to Book



We love to travel and explore new places. WhatSUP holds retreats once a year to someplace new. Be on the lookout for our next retreat!